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    Is this a news report or a comment?

    The following passage is taken from MAIL ONLINE. I thought it was a comment on a recent research result on left-handed people, rather than a news story written by reporters. Am I right? (In China's English tests students are often tested on questions like this.) Thank you very much in advance.

    Left-handed? Then you're more likely to be angry
    By Daniel Bates

    Last updated at 10:40 PM on 17th September 2010
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    Life holds many frustrations for left-handed people – from the everyday items designed for right-handers to folklore saying they are in league with the devil.
    So perhaps it is the result of dealing with such adversity that, according to researchers, they are angrier than the average person.

    Researchers found that among lefties, the two hemispheres of the brain communicate more with each other so have more interaction with the parts which produce negative emotions.
    Angry men: Bob Geldof (left) and John McEnroe (right) are both left-handed and well known for their fiery tempers

    Everything from can openers to garden tools to knives and scissors tends to be designed without taking them into consideration.

    Many generations of left-handed schoolchildren were forced to write with their right hand. They have endured centuries of stigma that says being left-handed is evil or bad luck.

    More...Exercise really does make you clever: Fit children have better memories

    And they are often associated with clumsiness and awkwardness.

    The study, led by Ruth Propper, a psychology professor at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, found that the halves of the brain in those who are lefties or ambidextrous are more interlinked.

    This makes them more moody, research published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease found.
    Previous studies have shown that 'lefties' are more prone to negative emotions.

    Many of the world's leaders and stars are left-handed, with some known for being hot-tempered.

    One famously grumpy 'leftie' is Bob Geldof, who achieved fame thanks in part to swearing during TV coverage of Live Aid.

    Another is tennis legend John McEnroe, who is as famous for his tantrums as his successes.

    Current world leaders who are left-handed include Barack Obama and David Cameron.

    But Lauren Milsom, owner of, which sells goods for left-handed people, said: 'Left-handed people just get on with it and do not complain that much.

    'We just deal with a world designed for right-handers.'

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    Re: Is this a news report or a comment?

    Quote Originally Posted by joham View Post
    The following passage is taken from MAIL ONLINE. I thought it was a comment on a recent research result on left-handed people, rather than a news story written by reporters. Am I right?
    Is there a difference?
    It's a news story by a reporter commenting on a recent research result.

    The byline, "By Daniel Bates" means it's written by one person. So you can probably rule out reporters.

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    Re: Is this a news report or a comment?

    Is there a difference?
    Usually not. Journalists like to think they keep their opinions out of news stories, but not many regular people believe that.

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