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    I'm in need of help. I can't distinguish the usages of these words

    I have used dict but can't find which word to choose, please help me. Thanks a lot . I'm a student coming from VietNam :D

    1. ď Iím sorry but you are breaking up as the reception is very bad hereĒ
    a.I canít here you clearly
    b.I am sorry for our break-up
    c.I apologize for the bad reception

    2. Cattle and chicken are___(farm/tame) animals.

    3.There were no lifeboats on the ship because it was___(claimed/believed) to be unsinkable.

    4.Hold on ___( steady/firm/strong/tight)to your lifebelt,otherwise u will sink.

    5. A note in the Captainís log stated that it was the roughest ___(passage/crossing/crossroad/passing) he has ever experienced.

    6.When I flew to Capetown, I was ___( upgraded/promoted) to business class- champagne all the way!

    7. Iím afraid your luggage is ten kilos ___( excess/ overweight); you will have to pay extra.

    8. The ___( ride/ flight) from the airport was very tiring as we had to drive through the fog.

    9.If you carry too much luggage, the airline will charge an ___( extra/ excess) baggage fee.

    10. When you get to the airport, your luggage will have to be___( sealed/ weighed)

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    Re: I'm in need of help. I can't distinguish the usages of these words

    We don't do homework, doanbichngoc.


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