With the increasing number of undergraduate students in universities, universities have chosen lecturing as a new way of teaching undergraduates. Lecturing is a new way of teaching that allows few teachers teach hundreds undergraduates in a large classroom. Lecturing undergraduate students is a resources efficient way of teaching; it is also improving self study of undergraduates. However, some argue that lecturing normally under an uncomfortable environment; focus could be a difficulty for some undergraduates who used to the other teaching styles. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of lecturing undergraduate students.

The most significant advantage of lecturing undergraduates is the use of sources efficiency. To begin with, lecturing is an efficient use of space way of teaching undergraduates because lecturing allows teaching hundreds of undergraduates in a large classroom. Moreover, lecturing in a large room could reduce the cost of wage of teachers due to few teachers would be enough for a lecture. In addition, time uses of lecturing undergraduates are more efficient than lessons since teacher do not have to repeat classes.

Another important benefit of lecturing undergraduates is that it not only educates undergraduates but also improve self study of undergraduate students. The reason why self study could be improved is that undergraduates ought to study the lecture before it stars. As the undergraduates improved self study skill, they are able to do more exercises after lectured, as the result they could achieve their goal of education.

Despite the advantages of lecturing undergraduates, there are disadvantage of lecturing undergraduates. One of the disadvantages of lecturing undergraduate students is the uncomfortable environment. It is caused by the large number of educates in a room, thus it might be a crowed and stuffy environment. Another bad environment of lecturing is chairs and desks might be break by some bad students, thus the chairs and desks may be not as comfortable as before.

Another disadvantage of lecturing is that the teaching style could be a difficulty of focus for some undergraduates who are not used to lecture. Firstly, the long period of concentration of under undergraduates could be easily distracted by even a move of a person due to the length of lecture. Secondly, lecture is a lack of individual attention way of teaching, which lead to hard for some student to ask more questions.

In conclusion, lecturing is a better way of teaching in university since it is an efficient use of resources and it could improve self study of undergraduates. On the contrary, it also provides a worse environment and hard to concentrated for some undergraduate students. It would be reasonable to suggest that lecturing would be a better way of teaching undergraduates when a university have a large number of educates.
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