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    can u teach me what i need to wirte for essay " do you agree woman's place is at home?" thx

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    Re: plz....

    We can't write the essay for you, but we can guide you along, if you'd like. For example, decide whether you agree or disagree, and then state why you agree or disagree. Brainstorm: write down everything you know about the topic, then organize your thoughts/arguments so that the reader is able to understand your point of view. Start with an introduction: say what you are going to write about. Begin with one point, either for or against the topic, and provide examples that strengthen your ideas and opinions. Then move on to your next point. Once you've written all you can about the topic, conclude or summarize your essay by restating what you have already written. An essay is about convincing the reader that your ideas and opinions are worth thinking about.

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