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    X's way - another tough thing - quick help needed

    How would you paraphrase these sentences :

    1. ET BMX-ed hiw way into our hearts in 1982
    (Would it be : ET entered our hearts by BMXing/on a BMX in 1982 ?)

    2. 100 police officers had smashed their way into the house
    (Would it be : 100 police officers had entered into the house by smashing the door ?)

    3. Nishizawa pulled out a kitchen knife, muscled his way into the cockpit
    (Would it be : Nishizawa entered (into ??? or maybe got into ???) the cockpit by muscling in ?) (or "by force" or "by using force" or "using force" ?)

    4. Johnson may have blackmailed his way into the vice-presidency.
    (I don't know how to paraphrase it)

    5. There is always some rogue prepared to entertain his or her way into the company of famous politicans, writers and entertainers.
    (I have no idea)

    6. He was a brilliant poet who fornicated his way into an early grave.
    (No idea)

    7. His trick is to think his way into the head of either victim or suspect.
    (No idea)

    What's the rule governing these sentences ? What's the best way to paraphrase them ?

    Thanks, best wishes,

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    Re: X's way - another tough thing - quick help needed

    anyone ?

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    Re: X's way - another tough thing - quick help needed

    I'm not clear exactly what you want here. What's the objective of the paraphrasing. Are you just expected to rewrite the sentences to have the same meaning or in a certain way? When you ask about the rule, the only thing that I can see that they have in common are the verbs, which are being used in a slightly unusual way on some cases. In the first, BMX is an example of a noun turning into a verb,etc.

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