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Why People should Exercise?
Be honestly, I did not do exercise since I realized how good it was. At first, I regarded exercise as a task that wasted time and made me in a bath of sweat. With this thought, I felt tried quite often; my muscles always were stiff and I were getting fat because of being coach potato. As well, I was so weak that got sick easily. I didnít change my thoughts until I learned swimming which is an exercise can do without being sticky and the volleyball fever in senior high school that made me start playing volleyball. When I started exercising, I found those conditions disappeared and I lose my weight to have my wish fulfilled, moreover, I knew more friends by did the same exercises. In short, exercise truly can help people to keep healthy physically and mentally.
However, itís hard for a person who did not do exercise like me to take the first step-getting into a new habit of doing exercise. So choose what you like to do is the most important thing for the beginning. If you like it you will keep doing and then you will get the positive feedbacks that the most obvious part is that weight loss without having awful diet which will be the best motivation. As you can see, exercise is the most efficient way to control your weight. Through exercise, your metabolism will speed up that will help fat burn faster to consume and reduce the accumulation of excessive fat in order to achieve the effect of weight loss. Once you have this good habit, your muscles will become stronger and stronger to have well-proportioned figure and good composition and help you build self-confidence as well. Itís not true for exercising would make you be as strong as a superwomen or superman! Thus, Proper aerobic exercise can make you control your weight and organize your body in a simple way.
Furthermore, exercise provides more benefits of physicality. Firstly, it can strengthen the cardiovascular system to increase blood circulation. Secondly, it improves muscle flexibility, reducing the risk of injuries and better protects to your body. Thirdly, it strengthens bones to prevent osteoporosis. Importantly, it reduces the risk of having chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. All in all, your body will feel good, full of energy and it will respond immediately to any action you want to do, any activity that has to be done with high spirit.
The last reason why people should exercise is that is good to affects our mental part. By doing exercise, it can relieve stress both of physical and mental fatigue and have a while without thinking about school, work, and problems. That also is a way to expand social life and promote imitate feelings between family and friends. Moreover, set specific goals to help you doing exercise which is a chance to train your strong-willed, patient and determination. Likewise, it directly influences self-esteem and self-worth. To sum up, exercise is not only good to our physicality but also mentality.
Exercise has many benefits that will help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Exercise is not only good for health from body to preventable chronic diseases but also our overall appearance and body composition, which can build our confidence and relive pressures. Some may argue that donít have enough time to exercise but itís really simple if you want to do it. For instance, take a walk from your home to the bus stop, climbing stairs instead of taking elevator. Whatís more, to decrease the time you spend on TV, go jogging or just walk your dog! Do exercise with ď333Ē tip which mean exercise 3 times a week, each time more than 30 minutes, heart rate and 130 per minute. For this easy principle, start to move and strengthen your body and then you start living your life happily!