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    Resultative VS Depictive - no idea

    Could anyone please exmplain to me the idea that stands behind Resultative and/or Depictive phrases/sentences ?

    Here is the exercise taken from my classes :

    "Which of the follownig phrases are / are not recultative ?

    1. "Sorry for the delay?!" John asked herself furious .
    2. Tom complained that she'd gotten pregnatn to "trap" him into marriage .
    3. The soldier did not move; he just looked at the snake terrified .
    4. Estelle quickly go herself married to a wealthy lawyer.
    5. When the firecrackers popped, the birds started flying blind .

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    Re: Resultative VS Depictive - no idea

    In 'I was worried sick', it's resultative because it is the worry that has made me sick. Therefore, in your first example, the question is whether the fury is the result of the question, which it probably isn't. It does, however, describe, or depict, the way that he asked the question. I presume that 'herself' is a typo.

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