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    Smile Watching English TV Series Good For English?

    i guess many of you know 'friends', 'sex and city''s said that watching English TV series is good for what do u think of this?

    if u agree with me, do u have any good TV series to recommend?


    PS:i am watching 'Scrubs' lately...quite a fan of it!!!

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    Re: Watching English TV Series Good For English?

    It can help, but watching TV can also be a fairly passive exercise, so it depends on the way you do it. It does help with listening skills, offering the chance to listen to various accents, many different moods, etc. However, it is quite easy to watch TV and get a lot of the gist, while actually having a fairly low comprehension of the programme. By all means, watch TV, but try to be active if you want to use it as a learning tool- how much do you recall, are you absorbing new vocab items, etc.

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