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    Arrow Some mistakes in book?

    I'm a new member and the first day on this site, so I hope I chose the right topic to ask my question.
    I'm preparing for english test called TEPS. I bought a grammar book to prepare for it. When I started reading it and doing some exersices I found some phrases that I think are incorrect, but it's said in the book it they are correct. I hope to find some help from you, dear members of ESL. I hope you can tell me if the following phrases are correct or not.
    The problem phrases are:
    1. An estimated 500 students are here.
    2. admitted to smoking
    3. By the time you get this message, I will have left for the airport to catch my flight.
    4. If it was sunny, we went on a picnic.
    All of them sound quite strange for me, but what is your idea?
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    Re: Some mistakes in book?


    They're grammatical. Could you show us why you feel they are ungrammatical? Let's work it out. ;)

    All the best,

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    Lightbulb Re: Some mistakes in book?

    Oh, thank you for fast reply!
    I thought the sentences were ungrammatical because:
    1. "An" means thet there sould be one entity of something, but then "An" is folowed by "are": An (estimated 500 students) are here.
    In this case I think it would be better to write definite article, especially if students are already estimated;) or I think we better can use zero article, like:

    Estimated 500 students are here.

    2. "admitted to smoke" is incorrect?
    3. This sounds for me a little strange. Is there future perfect tense?
    4. In my opinion it should be:
    If it was sunny we would go on a picnic. or If it was sunny we would have gone on a picnic.

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    Re: Some mistakes in book?

    Yes, they may look strange at first glance But I should say this is a rather advanced test, Nika! This article issue is really confusing But I think I can help you with the other three.


    2) "admitted to smoking" is quite all right - it means "permitted to smoke", or, literally, "допущен к курению" "Smoking" serves as an objective in this case, so "admitted to smoke" won't be correct, because "admitted to" should be folllowed by a noun-like word.

    3) Yes, there's Future perfect tense Sorry, the reference note is a bit long - but it's good and may be helpful for you. I hope you don't mind Russian

    Будущее совершенное время

    1) Образование форм Future perfect а) Утвердительные формы: Утвердительные формы образуются путем сложения вспомогательного глагола will, вспомогательного глагола have и причастия прошедшего времени смыслового глагола ( Main verbs ). В первом лице вместо вспомогательного глагола will иногда используется вспомогательный глагол shall.

    1. Оба вспомогательных глагола will и shall могут стягиваться до формы ' ll. I will have worked/I shall have worked. He'll have worked. You'll have worked. б) Общий вопрос ( Yes-No question ): При построении общего вопроса первый вспомогательный глагол ( will, shall) ставится перед подлежащим ( Subject ) предложения. Will you have worked? Will he have worked? в) Отрицательные формы: Отрицательные предложения образуются с помощью отрицательной частицы not/n't, которая ставится после первого вспомогательного глагола ( will, shall). Формы will not, shall not могут стягиваться до форм won't, shan't. I will not have worked/I shall not have worked. We won't have worked/We shan't have worked. He won't have worked.

    2) Употребление Future perfect: Future perfect используется при описании действия, которое будет завершено к некоторому моменту времени в будущем. I'll have finished the work before you come back — Я закончу работу до того, как ты вернешься. Many natural resources will have disappeared by the end of the century — Многие природные ресурсы исчезнут к концу этого века. Towards the end of the month (I can't be particular to a day) a year will have elapsed from the time when we believe the jewel to have been pledged — К концу месяца (не могу назвать точную дату) пройдет год с того времени, когда, как мы думаем, драгоценный камень был отдан в залог.

    4) But it's Past simple here! You are probably misleaded by "if" No 'would" is needed, though it was the conjunctive mood you would certainly have to use "would" i.e. "If it was sunny, we'd go on a picnic".

    I'm not good at explaining grammar things, sorry, but hope it helps.

    Good luck

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    Re: Some mistakes in book?

    Oops! Sorry, of course I meant "IF it was in the subjunctive mood... "

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    Wink Re: Some mistakes in book?

    Thank you very much for your answers! You really helped me
    P.S. Конечно, мне на русском все совсем понятно

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