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    meaning and usage of some sentences

    hi my dear master
    i watched a movie last week and i asked the odd sentences from the ( ask a teacher ) part of this site . but i didn't get any answer . i'll asked themagain . please help me with them they were used in ( Mr and Mrs Smith )

    1- poke around the engine
    2-let's pump the road
    3-if happens 0 would be 9
    4-i'm lost
    5-you say construction
    6-there is a struggle of this material .
    7-he got his hands on this first .

    thanks in advance

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    Re: meaning and usage of some sentences

    1 poke around = try, not very scientifically, to find what's wrong
    2 get going
    4 confused
    7 he got it first so it's his

    The others don't make much sense to me without the context.

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