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    Good at / Good with

    What are the rules for using "I am good at ....." and "I am good with ....."?
    Why do you say - "I am good at math" and "I am good with children"?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Good at / Good with

    good with vs good at. - WordReference Forums
    I hope this helps.


    able to use something or to deal with something or someone well
    — + with ▪ He's very good with his hands. [=he can easily make/do things with his hands] ▪ She's good with children. [=she manages and interacts with children well; children like her and behave well when they are with her]

    having or showing talent or skill : doing or able to do something well
    — often + at ▪ She's very good at (playing) golf. ▪ He's not very/any good at expressing his feelings. = He's no good at expressing his feelings.
    — sometimes used in a joking way ▪ I'm very/really good at saying the wrong thing. [=I often say things that make
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    Re: Good at / Good with

    I am not a teacher nor a native speaker.

    It might help a little. OADL, 8th edition, says:

    5. able to do sth well
    to be a good actor/cook
    ~ at sth to be good at languages/your job
    ~ at doing sth Nick has always been good at finding cheap flights

    6. ~ with sth/sb able to use sth or deal with people well
    She is very good with her hands (= able to make things, etc.)
    He's very good with children

    However, I also would be glad to hear any comment from a teacher.

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