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Thread: Racking along

  1. Rok Vermont

    Racking along

    1. What does 'racking along' mean? (How's the old burg racking along?)

    2. "Don't I know it?" Keogh would answer. "Of course you've forgotten her. Proper thing to do. Wasn't quite 0. K. of her to listen to the knocks that--er--Dink Pawson kept giving you."
    "Pink Dawson!"--a word of contempt would be in Johnny's tones--"Poor white trash! That's what he was. Had five hundred acres of farming land, though; and that counted. Maybe I'll have a chance to get back at him some day.

    What does 'and that counted' mean?

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    Re: Racking along

    1- getting on
    2- and that mattered

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