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    Exclamation Can or could

    Hello everyone,
    Would you please tell me why in the sentence below the guy uses could and not can? Is it about the formal and informal usage?

    A:I`m going to look at new cars tomorrow .why don`t you come along, I am sure you COULD get a good deal.
    B:No, thanks I have alot to do.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Can or could

    "Can" is more definite than "could". e.g. I can get you a discount = "I am sure to get you a discount." I could get you a discount" = I may get you a discount".

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    Re: Can or could

    I think "could" is putting in this sentence because it was more polite instead of "can". It would not be wrong also if we changed it to "can"


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