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    right across the road too


    A lady came to visit someone. When she was leaving she saw a cat and said that it was her cat. However a woman to whose house she came said that it is her cat. The 1st one said that he spends a lot of time with her. However the other one told her, disbelieving: But itís a good long way, and right across the road, too.í

    I'm not sure how to understand "right across the road"?

    She says that the trip to her house is long and she also has to cross some road (so it's unlikely that the cat would follow her here and it can't belong to her)?

    Is it what it probably says?

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    Re: right across the road too

    Your interpretation seems correct from the context given. It sounds as if the cat owner doesn't believe his pet would stray that far from home and wouldn't walk across this particular road (maybe it was a very large, busy street?) It doesn't seem like a logical argument, as cats left outdoors tend to wander all over the place, and if there is a kind neighbor nearby who is feeding it, I'm sure a cat would not hesitate to cross a busy boulevard to get there.

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