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    glory will drive me ?

    I found "glory" not so understandable, does it mean "your pride after winning the conversation with an opponent"? Something you are proud of? What does it exactly mean here?

    ex)Michel de Montaigne, the sixteenth-century French essayist, loved conversation. "To my taste," he says, "the most fruitful and natural exercise of our mind is conversation. I find the practice of it the most delightful activity in our lives." According to Montaigne, "studying books is a week mental activity, while conversation provides teaching and exercise all at once." Montaigne thinks of conversation as an intellectual sporting event that will improve his mind. "If I am fighting with a strong and solid opponent, he will attack me; his ideas send mine soaring. Rivalary, competitiveness and glory will drive me and raise me above my own level. ......"

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    Re: glory will drive me ?

    You have answered your own question, keannu.


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