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    Unhappy with Molasses on top

    hallo again. i have on equestions bout one phrase that i can get at all! here's from some dialogue between Xena ang Gabrielle. i can't get this phrase "with molasses on top" well here's piece of that dialogue: GABRIELLE - Aw, come on, Xena, just one... Please?

    XENA - Nope!

    GABRIELLE - How come?

    XENA - Because!

    GABRIELLE - Aw, pretty please, with molasses on top?

    XENA - Yuck! That's messy, I said no and I mean no! it would be nice if you could expalane to me the meaning 'Molasses on top' well thanks a lot!

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    Re: with Molasses on top

    'With molasses/sugar on top' is used to create an extra 'sweet' expression of 'please'. 'Pretty please with sugar on top' is the set phrase I learned as a child.


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