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    grammar rule for ing form

    As per the grammar rule, we should use “ing" form to a verb after “TO”.

    But look at the sentence below.

    I'm finally used to using this new software

    Here we cannot say “USING”, it should be “I am finally used to use this new software”. Is not it?

    if I m wrong please explain me the correct grammar rule, Thanks

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    Re: grammar rule for ing form

    used to / be used to

    Do not confuse used to do something with be used to something.

    You use used to do something to talk about something that happened regularly or was the case in the past, but is not now: I used to smoke, but I gave up a couple of years ago.

    You use be used to something/to doing something to talk about something that you are familiar with so that it no longer seems new or strange to you: We’re used to the noise from the traffic now.I’m used to getting up early. You can also use get used to something: Don’t worry — you’ll soon get used to his sense of humour.I didn’t think I could ever get used to living in a big city after living in the country.

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