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    • I need some examples of the use of however. Would you please post some?

    "However" is used to contrast with something said previously. Here are some examples of its use (from this forum):

    If we use 's/he', our listener knows we are making reference to a being. If, however, we use 'it', our listener knows we are referring to an object.

    Misled is not incorrect, and the two can be used synonymously. However, led astray is, I think, usually used for things more involved than a purchase.

    An island is considered a contained surface, so 'on' is used; A city, however, is considered to be contained within, so 'in' is used.

    My instincts tell me 'It's an iffy'. I've seen the form "..., -ing" in prose--I believe it's a form poetic license. When it comes to punctuation, however, the less the commas the better is the rule, so I agree with RonBee et al.

    I agree with you that it is a little confusing; why would a subscriber sign up again?!! Google, however, came up with 161 hits of this particular phrase:

    Yes, I believe they are grammatically correct. However, I believe it is a little "off".

    I agree with RonBee. However, it's a rather very interesting quasi-tautology. That is, it's not really a tautology at all.

    Because of the Hollywood movies, American songs and much more frequent contact with US than that of UK, American accent seems more popular. However, the college teachers suggest that British accent is more acceptable in the world, especially in the world outside US.

    It's all a bit sloppy and irrelevant to me. However, if it keeps a few academics happy over their cioffee breaks, I don't worry.

    Can you guess whose is whose?



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