no these are not my test questions!! i just found them and want help ..
O.K, this is a try
the lamb is so hot to eat
the lamb is hot so lets eat
or the lamb is hot; we cannot eat
John went to the bank
the bank= the other side of the river or the organization itself

the others are difficult...
curriculum one free morpheme
toddler=er is a bound derivational morpheme
imbibed= ed is a derivational bound one
oasis= one free morpheme
homorganic=one free moepheme
affirmatory= atory is a derivational bound morpheme
wealthy=y is a derivational one
data= is one morpheme if it is singular, and is two if it is plural
Anderson=is one morpheme

these are only some examples, i found a lot of them and tried to do them, now these are quite difficult, jast want help !