I'm struggling with an application for a job that I really need. The hours and the pay are perfect for me, because I want to support myself through college.

This is the job description.
To handle all incoming calls to a contact centre, collecting and recording appropriate information. To direct callers to the emergency Ambulance Service, most appropriate colleague or other service for health information and/or assessment. The Call Handler will decide whether to place the call on the First Advice Queue when call-back is in operation.
Other things to note are that the I will also have to deal with abusive, aggressive and emotionally demanding calls and that I will have to be competent using a computer.

I'm stuck on the 'Statement in support of application part. It's really stressing me out because I'm terrible at wording things on paper when I need to. When it's people asking me questions at an interview, I'm much better.

I'll just list the problems I'm having with it:

  1. Emotionally demanding calls - I've worked with mentally disabled adults, assisting with activities and walks with them. Some of them had really drastic mood swings - from smiling to crying. I felt like I had to be careful when I was talking to them and trying to help them with activities if I thought they were struggling, because I am quite young and some of them were fairly old and I didn't want to patronize them. I also spent time living with my father a few years ago, who is fairly mental. He was also quite aggressive towards me now and again, although he wasn't really a threat because he was always so drunk. I don't even know if that would be appropriate to put in an application form, or if it would transfer over. It's really just examples of me having to deal with emotionally demanding situations and different personalities. I've also received customer service training.
  2. Computing - In my most recent job I provided admin support for a small office. I did all the usual stuff, typing, email, creating and maintaining spreadsheets, etc. I also took phone calls, but not that much. I've also been trained to an intermediate level in MS packages.
  3. Assertiveness - I feel like this would be a really important skill for this position and that it is vital to acknowldge this. However, I've not had all that much work experience, and I've never really had to make any important decisions in the workplace. I THINK that I'd be quite good at making decisions and not dwelling on them, but I'm just laughing right now at the thought of saying that to a potential employer.

I also think that one of my key skills is that I'm a quick learner and can adapt to problematic situations that arise. I was thrown in the deep in the first time I worked with disabled adults, because I'd never really had much contact with them before, but I think I did okay.


It feels good to get some of the things that I want to say off my chest. It's been really, really stressing me out trying to word it properly. Any help with that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.