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    talk and speak

    1. I talk to her in English.

    2. I speak to her in English.

    a. Are the above identical in meaning?

    b. Are talk and speak interchangeable?


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    Re: talk and speak

    Definition and pronunciation of speak | Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary
    Speak can suggest a more formal level of communication than talk. You speak to somebody about something to try to achieve a particular goal or to tell them to do something. You talk to somebody in order to be friendly or to ask their advice: Have you talked to your parents about the problems you're having?I've spoken to Ed about it and he's promised not to let it happen again.

    Say, speak, talk
    Speak about talk!
    speak and talk
    speak in circles / talk in circles
    speak talk
    speak to / talk to
    Speak to you later. / Talk to you later.
    speak to/ with talk to / with
    Speak vs talk
    speak with or speak to/ talk to or talk with? which is which
    Speak/talk (in) English
    Speak/talk as an ability
    talk / speak - to/with
    Talk to/with - Speak to/with - Chat to/with
    talk to/with, speak to/with
    talk vs. speak
    They talk/speak English.
    To Speak Vs. To Talk

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