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    rock/ embroil/ brace/ upheaval

    Dear teachers,

    Would you tell me whether I am right with my choice of the suitable interpretations of the words in bold in the following sentence?

    As the Arab Spring turns tentatively to summer, pressure continues to build in those countries across North Africa and the Middle East which have already been rocked by revolution, those currently embroiled in uprisings and those which are bracing themselves for potential upheaval.

    rock = to sway violently, as from a blow or shock

    embroil = to throw into confusion or disorder; entangle

    brace = to invigorate; stimulate

    upheaval = a sudden, violent disruption or upset

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    Re: rock/ embroil/ brace/ upheaval

    Close enough, except for brace, which does not mean embrace.
    Brace yourself, hold on to something, we're about to crash!
    He held his girlfriend in a loving embrace.

    you seem to have the definiton of bracing: invigorating; stimulating.
    mixed up with embracing.

    not a teacher

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