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    I don't understand why the author is using the subjunctive in the sentences below.

    On several occasions in this chapter it will be possible to observe a thematic nervousness about the risk that these limits be transgressed.

    Advocate-General Jacobs had argued vigorously in his Opinion in Unilever that legal certainty would be damaged by a finding that the notification Directive be relevant to the status of the contractual claim between private parties.

    The prohibition laid down in Article 7 was necessary in order to ensure that consumers be given objective information concerning the toxicity of tobacco products.

    I would've written "will be" in the first sentence, "is" in the second, and "are" in the third.


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    Re: Subjunctive

    So would I, but I'm a BrE speaker who almost never uses the present subjunctive except in a few set phrases.

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