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    "driver's test" and "driving test"
    Taking a driving test is something that everyone can relate to - a stressful rite of passage for all young people but even more so for autistic people with low self-confidence and poor social skills.
    "Most driver's education just teaches kids how to pass a driver's test," says Barbara Harsha, the association's executive director. "Now there is a whole new generation of driver's ed people who stress safety."

    Do you use "driver's test" and "driving test" interchangeably?

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    Re: "driver's test" and "driving test"

    It's another example of BrE versus AmE.

    In BrE, you take a "driving test". In AmE, it's a "driver's test".

    I believe that in both BrE and AmE, we have/take "driving lessons". In America, I believe that there are classroom lessons available at school. This is knows as "Drivers' Ed" (Ed is short for Education). We have no such lessons in British schools.

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