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    on the side of his stand ?

    Is it "the small basket was placed right by the stand seperated from it" or "It was on top of the stand at one side"?

    ex)A vendor in a city set up shop and sold doughnuts and coffee to passersby. During the breakfast and lunch hours, he always had long lines of customers waiting. He noticed that, as he was a one-man show, the biggest bottleneck preventing him from selling more doughnuts and coffee was the disproportionate amount of time it took to make change for his customers. Finally, he simply put a small basket on the side of his stand filled with dollar bills and coins. Most customers responded by being completely honest, often leaving him larger-than-normal tips. Also, he was able to move customers through at twice the pace because he did not have to make change. In addition, he found that his customers liked this idea and kept coming back. By ____________ in this way, he was able to double his sales.

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    Re: on the side of his stand ?

    I would think on the inside of the stand, but off to one side.

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