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  1. guest111

    english -verb prounoun adjective ect HELP!~

    i am takeing a english class in college
    but i really dont understand what my teacher is saying

    on subjects like pronouns ,adjectives, adversbs ect

    he gave us, hand out papper material to read,
    it says a small description abouth what a prounoun is and so on

    but i need more info
    like a full description

    can any body tell me what do do as far as lerning this stuff on
    a easier base

    like what would be easier way to reamber this stuff

    any coments please !

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    Re: english -verb prounoun adjective ect HELP!~

    Here's one of the best grammar sources on-line:

    Click on the link above; it'll take you to an Index. In the right-hand column, look for Pronoun (defined) and click on it.

    If you have any questions, let us know.

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