A company have done a survey for a book store.The result is drawn in a table,compared two books from four aspects(design,content,benefit,price) .I need to write a report,and tell them which book will sale better.
Table: design /content /benefit /price

book A: normal/good/normal/good
bookb:best/good/good/no good
(I wonder is there any format of these kind of report writing?I am new to english, Could anyone correct my mistakes and thank you.)
Report On BookA and BookB
We did a survey about how people think about Book A and Book B on last week. Here are the results. Most people think book A is very normal,bookA's design and content is normal,people think it benefit them is good, but the price is cheap compared to the book B. Everything in Book B is good, but the price is too high. According to the survey, we give some recommendation to you.
We recommend you to sell Book B better than to sell book A. First, nowadays people turn to internet for faster ways to get information, we can search any of the information we need through the net, people do prefer to sit down and read a book anymore. Were if not for the best content of the book, people wonít buy it. Second, the design of book B is amazing, even you donít read it through, and those pictures inside are fabulous attracting you, you want to keep it for the first sight. Third, people who want to buy this kind of book always had enough money, itís affordable to them.
In conclusion, basic on the survey, Book B will sell better than Book A. Place more advertisement and do some promotion on Book B, it should sell very well.