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    i guess we're even?

    Melinda asks the living husband to say something to his dead wife, and his dead wife as a ghost says her love to him and it was his turn to say in turn, but he just said "we're even". As I know, even means we're equal in fighting or something, but in this case what does it mean?

    -ghost whisperer
    dead wife- I never felt more in love with you than when i watched you all worried and sweaty and care-worn, running beside the gurney when they wheeled me in here. So please, please... don't wallow. Oh, and if i'm not awake when you get back... don't forget to feed daisy and walk her. See you tomorrow. I love you. Hope.
    husband- i guess we're even.

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    Re: i guess we're even?

    If I do something for you (a favor) you might feel that you need to
    repay me in some way. When you do repay me (perhaps by doing a favor
    for me) you can say something like "now we're even."

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