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Thread: peace be upon u

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    peace be upon u

    check these please ,are these all correct?,Is there any d/f between them??????

    I am afraid of something/I am fear of something/I am scared of something/I am frightened with something.

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    Re: peace be upon u

    Quote Originally Posted by moqaddas View Post
    c Check these please; are these all correct?, Is there any d/f difference between them? ?????

    I am afraid of something.
    I am fear of something. X
    I am scared of something.
    I am frightened with of something.
    There is not a great deal of difference between 'afraid', 'scared' and 'frightened'.

    Please give your threads more helpful titles, such as "afraid of? fear of?"

    Please use capital letters where appropriate, and avoid chatlish in this forum.

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