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    relax/relaxation - tastely/tastefully

    If you are looking for a hotel designed for..............(relax-relaxation), which is reasonably priced...

    All 65 of our spaciuos bedrooms, many of them enjoying views of the sorrounding countryside, have been.................(tastely-tastefully) designed and furnished.

    In this exercise I have to form a word that fits good. RELAX and TASTELY are the ones I have formed...but the book where I have taken the exercise from suggestes the other two words, RELAXATION and, my question is: Are the words, I have chosen,correct? I cannot see the difference between what I have written and what the book suggestes...!

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    Re: relax/relaxation - tastely/tastefully

    You need a noun after the preposition 'for'. 'Relax' is a verb; if you want to use it, you need the gerund (verb-noun) form 'relaxing'.
    'Tastely' is not an English word.

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