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I'm taking the CPE, unfortunately without any accompanying course and teacher who could give me some advice on my writing skills. Maybe one of you could help me out?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Here is the exam task followed by my proposal:

"You work for a large company based in a town centre. Most of the employees of the company drive to work. The director of the company has asked you to prepare a proposal on reducing car use by employees."

During my lunch hours in the park nearby, I couldn’t help but notice the ever-increasing exhaust levels indicated by my cell phone app. In my opinion, they are mainly due to the widespread use of cars in our company. Thus, I am submitting a proposal which suggests alternative ways of getting to work.

Even though cars seem like a convenient medium for modern commuters, there are several drawbacks connected to this kind of transportation. In addition to the environmental issues, there is the problem that the company cannot provide everyone with a personal parking lot. This leads to internal conflicts. Furthermore, the morning traffic often tends to be hectic and stressful what leaves employees to start the day in a rather unpleasant mood.

These negative effects could be easily avoided if the company undertook measures to attract more employees to alternative means of transportation. One suggestion refers to the “Bike-to-work” initiative which is a governmental project and works like a competition. It greatly rewards the one company that has the most employees cycling to work during a specified period in spring-time. Another suggestion would be to launch an intranet website with a marketplace for car pools. Although this measure still involves cars, the impact on the environment could be decreased and as people travel together, the social factor would maybe lessen the stress of rush-hour traffic.

I have to admit that it would not be an easy task to get people involved in these changes. Firstly, we would have to think about countermeasures to the psychological reactions that people undergo who see their car as a status symbol. Secondly, we would have to recompense them financially since a car is an investment that cannot be unmade without any write-offs.

Before initiating one of the above-mentioned projects, we would clearly need more information on the cost structure and its implementation procedures. But even with the limited information we have so far, the pros of such a project clearly outweigh the cons and, in my opinion, it is high time that we take a step in this direction.