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Thread: Different Sides

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    Different Sides

    Hello to all. This is my essay work ( I don't think if this one is really an essay ) that I posted to my personal blog, and I just want to know how is its grammar. Would anyone can check my works? Thanks in advance..

    As the days go by, it is going more and more harder than the past, something that perhaps I could not really have even a little bit more endurance inspite of my best endevour. I intended to take a try to lay this hardship aside for the sake of a dream of being delighted again with my loved ones in an instant. But it was so oviously easy to think of, but was not to have with, nor to be done somehow. I would love to say I am likely to be one of the prisoners among those who sentenced by the deprivation and difficulties of life. But there was some special case with this which I don't quite wonder, but would had come to my great surprise, one thing is certain for being mingled with this, even my mind and body was quite weary, it is about running out of space for the continues strong and irresistable flows of joy towards the depth of my heart when I come to realize what have it really reaped. I broke into joy, and peace, and gladness when I found myself doing something good for the sake of my beloved ones. It makes me feel better over the melancholy. It becomes my shield over the mischief of life which pelted over me some years fiercely. And from being weak, I found my rest somehow upon the warmth of my wife's love, upon her whispered words, and upon her care's lap. By the smiles of my children, I got adequate pleasure for the rest of my life. By their laugh which always brought to my attention, I had enough strenght to move this jorney on finding for a better life. For having such loved ones who always waiting for my calls ready to come up, I have nothing to ask for more but to be stay lucky as what I am. Having loving treasures, to have them untill the end of time...
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