On a thesis “Particular features of teaching English for young learners" 4-year student, Kuzyakhmetova Madina, specialty of “two foreign languages” 050119, Suleyman Demirel University
English became a worldwide language many years ago. Today it is already included into the main educational program in schools and universities in order to go along with the world at the same pace. But our younger generation has not been included in this program yet. However, it should be in the near future.
What we learn from this work is that English is becoming more popular and there can be effective ways of teaching it. At the same time, it shows that we actually have problems because our teachers who work with younger learners are not really trained for that. The author points the main questions about English as an integral part of education and a helper in child’s overall development, and finds answers on how second language learning can be supportive in early development.
The work has both theoretical and practical parts that shows analysis and synthesis of already done research on the current topic and proposes new views from the author. The author also tries to show different aspects of some methods that can be applied in our country and how it can work. For example, she gives a full description of worldwide known methods such as Montessori’s or Doman’s and then practices them with her pupils. Thanks to different surveys and interviews, we can see the opinion of parents of young children about problems of learning and teaching English.
The main aim of the work was to try to find a way that can be effective with the group of young learners, and I think she was able to achieve her goal. Even though it was short term, she was able to begin and in the future she can continue in this direction. Because she realizes the importance of the teacher in early childhood, his role and his real abilities to be able bring not only knowledge about foreign language, but also something more valuable. She fully disclosed the nature of working with young learners and the specifics and main aspects of this work. Besides, she did it not only theoretically but her work was supported by practical examples as well.
The most important thing is that she is analyzed the English teaching field in our society and revealed all the weaknesses and prospects. Recommendations developed by the author create the possibility of increasing the efficiency and quality of the English teaching process in primary education.
Work meets the requirements of the diploma works of 050119 “Two foreign language” specialization and has been done perfectly well.