I would be happy to proofread my essay.Thank you so much.

Agree or disagree with the following statement, " Leaders are the represantive of their own people''.

Selection of leaders is very important in any country. While some people believe that leaders are full view mirrors of the thought of a nation, I think it is a huge mistake to evaluate any nation based on leaders since they can take power in different ways.

First, leaders can deceive people by giving empty promisses just to size power. For example, before the referendum on the changing the government, Khomeini gave empty slogans like, freedom of speach, freedom of religion, freedom of political groups, freedom of what to wear, but in reality 6 months latter after the estabilishing his despotic Islamic regime in Iran, I had to wear a scarf and latter on islamic dresses whenever I went to school or anywhere.

Likewase, after the massacre of top military brass in Iran, step by step, khomeini began to show his true colors. At first, all political organisations were announced to be illegal. Latter on, under the pretext of the enmies of God, female political prisoners were raped before execution, thousands upon thousands of political prisoners were murdered in jalis before UN deligates visiting Evin prison in Tehran.

Second, power can change leaders. In history , there are many leaders who were selected by the majority of people, but after they took power, they began to eliminate other people who had different points of view. Take Stalin for example. After the death of Lenin when he took power, he began to eliminate all opposition groups who dared to criticize him by sending them to labor camps, executing them. It is stimated that during Stalin's purge, more than 20 millions of his opponents were disappeared in Russia .

In sum, neither a political dwarf like Ahmadineghad can be a represenatative of Iranian people, nor we can judge any nation based on their black sheeps. Otherwise, we can easily overlook a 2500 year old civilization, just based on comments of a mentaly ill person who carves to be in the center of attention by denying the Holocaust. If he were a true leader, then millions of people in Tehran wouldn't protest in streets, then there were no need to fix the presidential election in Iran by the regime.