Does weird behavior indicate an ordinary or an extraordinary person? In an essay,support your position by discussing an example (or examples) from literature, science and technology,the arts,current events,or your own experience or observation..
In my opinion,weird behavior indicates rather an extraordinary,then an ordinary person.As a matter of fact,people who act in an unusual,strange way,are different from others.Often,unusual behavior coexists with creativity,talent and exception .A perfect example is a famous scientist Elbert Einstein.
The world-known German has revolutionized the entire world with his Theory of Relativity and the founding of atom bomb.Besides,the physicist is known for his unexplainable,odd and strange behavior.Einstein distinguished from others at a very young age.In early childhood,the founder of the Relativity Theory could barely speak.In comparison to other children,the little Elbert began to say words very late.
As a highly intelligent adult,Einstein continued astonishing the whole globe.Einstein ignored all rules of dress-code despite his popularity and recognition.In fact,he did not pay any attention to his appearance.The researcher refused to dress properly even for top-officials,like Presidents.
The popular German acted bizarre not only in his professional environment,but also among family members.For instance,Einstein made a list of requirements to his wive.She was expected to isolate Einstein from unnecessary social contacts.Besides,Ms.Einstein had to stop talking on a first demand of his husband.I believe,this rules are really hard to follow and extraordinary.
Commonly,a strange behavior is a sign of creative and gifted personality.Elbert Einstein amazed his family members and coworkers through the entire life.