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    cute face, zoned out, forgot what she said -_-;

    I really didn't know what to title this thread as. This all happened because of my fishbrain. I have a question, please hear me out.

    I'm at work right now (corner store) and just minutes ago a tobacco inspection personnel came in to check the store's cigarette signs. She was... cute, to say the least. (argh that's not the point!!) Anyways, she had to get behind the counter where I was, to check if everything was in place. Then a customer came in, in his mid 20's, asking for a pack of cigarette. Knowing he is overage I gave him the cigarette. That's when the cute inspector cut in and asked him for an ID. Well his driver's licesnse was suspended so he initially said he didn't have one. He then said he only had his health card. She said that would do, took his ID and inspected it. Then he was finally let go.

    She said it would be an important thing to card people who look underage. Then she said something but I zoned out because, well, she was cute and I was all over her looks -_-;
    I didn't really hear what she said, but it was roughly like this:
    "There are people who'd go around with tash / taff something (not sure what I heard now)"
    And I think I asked "What is txxxxxx xxxx?" (back then I did say it correctly. Now the only thing I remember for sure is that it starts with T)
    She said "Meaning there will be inspectors in disguise going around to check if you keep the regulations."

    Can you even remotely guess what she said there? it wasn't tabacco for sure, I can't even remember the sound but it might've been tash / taff something. No never mind that, I might be wrong. Again, the only thing I'm sure about is it started with T.

    Thanks again! HKB out!

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    Re: cute face, zoned out, forgot what she said -_-;

    I can't think of anything offhand- we'd say 'undercover' in the UK, but I will sleep on it and see if I can think of anything. Maybe you should write and complain about their distractingly attractive staff.

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    Re: cute face, zoned out, forgot what she said -_-;

    Don't you think it could be just a slangish word from cute auditors' vocabulary?
    Anyway she explained the meaning

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