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Thread: good-tidily

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    A man came to a teacher's house. He wanted to talk to her about a problem he had. The problem was related to his wife. He told her:

    Iíll just tell you what I know and then maybe you can
    sort it out.Now, f írinstance . . .Up to the time Sydney was
    took ill, she seemed to think very highly of you. Youíll
    hev noticed;maybe, that Em ainít as ignorant as most, and

    she used to grumble good-tidily about Mrs Westleton Ė
    she was here afore you.

    What does "good-tidily" mean here? Is sounds like it has a positive connotation whereas "grumble" has a negative connotation.

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    Re: good-tidily

    This suggests that it's a dialect term but mean tidily:
    3. Publications by English Dialect Society (1879)
    "tidily, adv. with the prefix good: " good-tidily. ... See tidily.
    We can use tidy to mean a fair amount - a tidy sum of money - so I would assume that it meant she grumbled quite a lot, though the expression is new to me.

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