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    Passion for teaching

    Hi there,

    I am a Hong Kong resident. I had to leave school after finishing grade 10 for personal reasons. I have a passion for teaching English but I don't have the right qualifications for that. I can't study full time for more reasons than I can say but I have done some courses that relate to teaching english. Example Preschool Education and some Phonics courses. And I have done lots of private tutoring and currently teaching in a preschool. Now I have almost seven years of teaching experience but I want to have more qualifications.

    Please help me as I really love this field but it seems I don't have enough ingredients for that to show in paper but i must say that I do have a lot of general knowledge of teaching english.

    I would appreciate any advice given

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    Re: Passion for teaching

    I'd get something like a CELTA that is recognised everywhere. -)

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    Wink Re: Passion for teaching

    Hi. They say that to be a teacher is just more than what a book tells us what and how to do things. With your 'experiences' you have done many things that are not in books. However the authorities want you have a degree so then you can venture into the real world of teaching, that's what they want and need from the standard or quality of teachers.
    I've advised others like yourself that they would be advantages is they went to night class to get that requirement they need for that area. I do know that in the Hong Kong are you must have a degree for the better school. Better schools mean more money with a very good program for you to teach.
    The CELTA is just a tip of the iceberg for qualification, I know this for I have them all but they do not equal the degree in TESOL.
    I wish there was a better answer for I've been trying to gain entry into the HK area now for 5 years but my age is against me. More than qualified to teach anything in education but just too old for them.
    Go to night school, for I know that they are trying to achieve a higher qualification level for the teachers and professors there. Do not waste your time with lower courses for in the end this is where you need to be at for a better future

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