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    What/Who would you be if you lived another life?

    Dear all, please correct for me the following essay. Thank you very much!

    If I lived another life, I would be an explorer. I would go and leave everything behind, my family, my friends, my job... I want to go everywhere to discover the mysteries of the world and find out wonderland. I would get many things from cultures and nature. They always bring so many things of interest for me. That is also my childhood dream. Let imagine if I could live as a real explorer, how I would be. It's a free life without worrying about the life such as earning money, the complicated social relationship,... to go any place that I want. Maybe I have to face the danger of nature or the people that you did not know who they were. They can make me hurt even kill me. But I don't worry about that, it can not make me stop thinking of it. Because these difficulties just make me be stronger and smarter, I would learn many things from them. In the other hand, if I found out a mystery or a land that no one could know it before, how my feeling was. Definitely, it would be a great feeling. Moreover, I made a new thing for the world and I wish it could bring new opportunities for human being. Finally, if all came true, I would have unforgettable experiences. I would become a famous person and the world always remember me!

    This is a copy. Please delete this post for me! Thank you!
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