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Thread: Broken down

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    Broken down

    Dear Sirs,
    Can we say: "The Telex connection was broken down this morning"
    Eng. Haytham

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    Re: Broken down

    I would just say 'The Telex connection was down this morning'.

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    Re: Broken down

    or "the telex connection was out of order this morning"

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    Re: Broken down

    Additionally, 'connections' (cables) don't break down but machines (things that have parts) certainly break down.

    EX: The telex machine broke down this morning.
    EX: The telex cable isn't working this morning.
    EX: The telex connection is down this morning.

    I'm not sure if 'out of order works' in that context though, Temico. Mind you, it would work if "out of order" is a sign on the cable.

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