Hello! I currently live in Norway and I'm applying to medical school in a foreign country, and could use some help with my motivational letter. All help is highly appriciated.

With this letter I would like to show my interest for the 6-year M.D program at the XXX.
I was born X.X 19XX in Trondheim, Norway. I belong to the indigenous people in Norway, the Smi. So after a few months I moved to northern-Norway. I lived there for 10 years before I went back to Trondheim. There I started at high-school with sports as main field (Showjumping with horses), didn't have much time to study while doing this, so I moved back to northern-Norway to finish rest of high-school, but now with main field in biology and chemistry. I was getting really tired of school, so I decided to cut back on some courses to manage to get through the school year. After this year I took 3 years off, where I lived in both Trondheim and Berlin working with sales. Then I got my motivation back and went to northern-Norway to finish up. I took two years worth of courses in one year.

I'm hoping to join the M.D program at your university to get a degree in medicine

When I'm done with the degree I'm aiming to specialize in Surgery, Internal- or Emergency Medicine

I have always been interested science and specially biology, I'm genuinely interested in medicine and human-biology. This is my passion, helping people.
With my personal traits and a science background, I know that I would be well prepared this program. I always enjoyed learning about chemistry, the human body and other cultures. I found it fascinating. So it is easy for me to say that this is what I want with my life, this is my path.
Personally, I am a person with a high perseverance level, someone who is motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious. I am open-minded and interested in other cultures.

I'm a quick learner, committed, I have an ability to work independently and take initiative. I can work in a team, and I'm focused on reaching my goals.

I played a lot of sports as a kid. I learned the values of teamwork, how to win, how to work hard, how to focus and concentrate.

During my high school studies I was elected the president of a student council. This allowed me to develop and use my leading and organizational skills. I'm a leader type, I like to take responsibility in situations where I'm confident and positive to do an excellent job. But I have no problem in leaving the control to someone else or listen to other people's ideas and possible solutions. I like to work as a part of a team and finding solutions together.

I realize the highly competitive demands of the program, but I have enough ability, ambition and motivation to cope with the requirements for a successful study at the University. Im well informed of the seriousness of the heavy loaded curriculum, but Im prepared to comply with this study curriculum which I found extremely interesting. I'm a multilingual person, I'm born and raised in two very different cultures and life styles. So adaptation and integration in the XXX culture and life style should not be a problem. To add on I enjoy teamwork and group discussions. Other than that I like to dance, swim, play board games, go to the gym, cooking, fine dining and of course shopping. I may say of myself that Im a relaxed person, but at the same time I'm determent to realize my professional aims and dreams. Therefore I would be very proud and happy if I were allowed to enroll for the M.D program at your prestigious University, so that I could prove you and myself of my motivation to fulfill my goals
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further details.
Sincerely XXX