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    born playing computer games?

    How can someone be born knowing how to play computer games since a baby?
    Is the underlined just an exaggeration for "nowdays everyone is able to play computer games due to the current technology" or does it have any figurative meaning? It sounds so awkward!

    ex)It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and the weekend was about to begin, but Rob had a lot on his mind. He had been putting off doing his chemistry report which was due on Monday. After borrowing some books from the library,he went home. Later that evening, he was doing the assignment when his father came in. “What are you doing,kid?” he asked. “Biography of Marie Curie,” Rob said absently as he was typing on his computer. “Really?I did that for a chemistry assignment when I was in school,” his father said. “Why don’t you find some information from the encyclopedia over there?” he added. Rob grabbed the encyclopedia. He smiled thinking that even though he was practically born playing computer games,he was still doing the same assignments his father did over 20 years ago.

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    Re: born playing computer games?

    The word practically is your clue to this being a clear exaggeration. He became proficient at computer games at a very early age.


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