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    "...the Beeb went to town on advertising it."

    I wonder what Beeb means. Have seen it several times but couln't find it in my dictionary. It may have something to do with BBC I venture to guess, judging from the context. Maybe it's BBC people? I need someone to confirm my conjecture.
    Thank you very much for the help.
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    Re: Beeb

    Hmm. Well, it's capitalized, which means it's either a name or emphatic usage for "beep". For example, in television, especially when a word is considered too harsh to utter aloud; e.g., profanity, a sound, notably "beep" is heard over the offending word. In spoken English, speakers adopt that sound; e.g., "Max is such a beep. I won't say the exact word. The language I want to use is too vulgar."

    Here's another way to write beep: use any of the symbol keys.

    EX: "...the @#% went to town on advertising it."


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