Hi all!

I am a 3rd year ESL teacher currently working on my masters in Curriculum and instruction. For my thesis I have chosen to research ESL curriculum and the grouping of students. While looking for articles, I came across this forum and thought I would add a post to see how things were setup in other districts.

In my school I see all my students (about 70) once a day and we use the same textbooks and read the same stories that are being read in a regular English classroom, but at a much slower pace and with more assistance. This assures that they are getting the content while learning the language. These classes also contain beginner and intermediate level students who are sometimes more lost than the advanced students, but they are still hearing language and learning academic vocabulary.

I also see the beginner and intermediate students for a second class every day that allows me to work with them on vocabulary, writing, and speaking, or to help them with projects or assignments that they have from their other classes.

I have read alot about curriculum (mostly ed jargon) but would like to know how things are run in other districts.

1. Are ESL students doing the same work as reg ed students? If not what are they doing?

2. How are beginners and intermediates placed?

3. How are ESL students grouped (by grade, by level, randomly etc.)

I can certainly add more information if need be but thought I would try to stick to the basics unless others are interested. Thanks ahead of time for your help! I'm glad that I found this site and I hope to be an active member!