This a short topic on book character:

The best book I have ever read is 'The Jay's Wing' by Ivan Franko. It is a short story with an intriguing plot. It tells us about difficult woman's fate who is called Manya.
I am absolutely fond of characters of this story. They are so magnificent and so common at the same time. Firstly, you can see a calm, discreet and even selfish man. Moreover, it might seem to you that Manya is a sort of an inconsiderate and insensible person. However, while reading the story, your feelings and attitude towards the main characters are changing as these charaters themselves.
Actually, I have read a long-suffering confession of her whole life events writing by this woman. In fact, I cannot share this extremely sincere and deeply-psychological atmosphere but I can state that this actual masterpiece, which unimaginably describes the emotions of two persons in love and despair, definitely enriches the first-rate world literature.

It's a short scetch. Correct me, please...
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