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    can u give some examples: to use has and have in a sentence. to use was and were in a sentence.

    thank u

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    Re: how


    Simple Past of the verb BE
    I was
    you were
    he was
    she was
    it was
    they were

    I was at school. (location)
    You were at school.
    I was a doctor. (noun)
    She was a doctor.
    I was happy. (adjective)
    They were happy.

    Simple Present of the verb HAVE
    I have
    you have
    she has
    he has
    it has
    they have

    I have a car. (noun)
    He has a car.
    I have seen that movie. (present perfect)
    They have seen that movie.

    If you have any questions, let us know.


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