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    Game review

    Good afternoon guys!
    Could you please check my review and grade it( or just say if it is good or not)?

    This is the task:
    Write your answer in 120-180 words in an appropriate style.

    -You recently saw this notice in an English language computer magazine:

    Reviews needed!
    “Do you play computer games? Write us a review of a computer game that you enjoy.
    Describe the game's good and bad points and say how easy or difficult it is to play.
    Also say what age group it is suitable for.
    A free game for the best review!”

    “Sacred” Review

    What I liked most
    “Sacred” is an action-role playing game which takes place in the magical continent of Ancaria.
    It belongs to the fantasy genre and this fact clearly comes out in the wide range of magic playable characters such as seraphs, vampires, elves, magicians and demonic warriors.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the storyline, both easy to understand, despite the complicated genre, and at the same time rich of details and contents.
    The player has also the opportunity to have the access of an extraordinary amount of items such as weapons, magical rings, mounts and armours.
    In addition, the choice of the characters determines a different set of skills and quests, which can be compulsory or optional.

    What I disliked most
    I was a bit disappointed by its graphics which is a little crummy because of its absence of adequate tonality of colours and low image resolution.
    Despite the medium difficulty of the game, lots of enemies were too difficult to defeat, which was extremely annoying.

    Ideal target of the game
    On the whole I find it an enjoyable game,although it cannot be considered as a diamond point of the fantasy genre.
    I think that this game fits perfectly fantasy-game lovers of all sort of ages.
    I would not advise it to people who care too much of the graphics.
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