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    Question ought/should

    Today I tried to ask my english teacher, but she told me: it's almost the same. I asked her where the difference was, but she was quiet, so...

    What's the difference between ought and should?
    Only thing I know is:

    Should + DO
    Ought + TO DO


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    Re: ought/should

    'ought (to)' is a problem in many ways. Just to mention one of the problems: even native speakers do not agree on the 'correct' interrogative and negative forms.

    I used to say to my learners:

    It is always possible to replace 'ought (to)' with 'should', with no significant change in meaning; it is not always possible to replace 'should' with 'ought (to)'.

    So, when you see/hear them, assume they mean the same; when you want to use them, always use 'should'.


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