This book is the fruit of a period of a self-imposted cloistored life. I had just ten months to write it and the story I have told needed a big deal of work and many pages for being told properly. Of couse, in order to end my work I did not shut myself away at home like the monk of the legend I have talked about in the book, and obviously I also survived the term "the end". But, without doubt, I lived a time of isolation. So, I would like to thank all my friends who have put up my family on Sunday afternoons, while I was stuck behind my keyboard, and who have never told me off for being an unreliable friend for nearly a year.
Telling such a type of story like the one I have tried to tell you has been like moving round through an unexplored land.
Dear readers, you can now judge the result of my travel (unless you are not reading my thanks first, although I have tried to hide them at the end of my book; but if you are already reading them, you will still have to judge and rank me and I really hope your reading is enjoyable and enthralling. Thank you so much for following me in this travel.