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    English teacher

    Helloo all
    i would like to take ur opinions

    Is teaching a cool Job??

    i finished english literature in my university and i work now in a company as a secretary but my family advice me to be an english teacher, however i feel this job is a boring one, i dont know i need ur advises and opinions


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    Re: English teacher

    Becoming a teacher is a rewarding job, and i would strongly advise you that you make full use of your degree/. I have been supportign pupils at various schools as a mentor and it doesn't put me off or something, however there are individuals who can't hack it, thats a different story. I guess you should enter a school as a teaching assistant or somethign work with pupils and see for yourself if the teaching life suits you, again there is a great need of good educators, count yourself in.!!!!


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    Re: English teacher

    Among all of my teachers, i like my teacher of english most. The one who teaches English is often open, easy going, sympathetic and humorous. Teaching can help you be younger than your age. Students are sometimes naughty but truly lovely if you understand them.

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    Re: English teacher

    Teaching English is very enjoyable. People's perspectives of teaching English are different, but I believe you will never enjoy this and will even hate it by the pass of time if you teach English only for the purpose of earning money. People who start teaching English as new comers to the field should not expect much financially - you sometimes earn just enough to keep the wolf from the door.
    If you are interested in English teaching, then I assure you that there will be a lot of different experinces you will have on the way to enjoy or hate. Actually, that's the rewarding part, you never know what happens and this keeps you in suspense.
    Based on experience - not my own - I suggest you teach English as a part-time job or as a second job. This way you won't lose much if you don't like it, and will have the lucky opportunity to develop your true colors if you do like it.
    I personally think one should dedicate all their life to be a very good English teacher and I mean to really be a good one. You have a family to take care of, and remember that teaching English can be very stressful. It depends on your eagerness and of course purpose. Ask yourself why you want to do this? For the love of the language or for money?
    Good luck

    Ruholla Kazemi
    EFL Teacher
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    Re: English teacher

    Chibi says: "Students are sometimes naughty but truly lovely if you understand them." What a great thing to say about your students!

    Yes, teaching can be absolutely the most satisfying job in the world when it's going well and you've got nice responsive students. It's not a job for earning money, winning status or getting any long term security, though. It's a decision of the heart not the brain, maybe.

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